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Safe @ Heights Pty Ltd is a well established and innovative company located in Slacks Creek, Brisbane - Queensland. We specialise in the design, supply, installation and certification ofAbout Us height safety and confined space products and systems.

We offer a complete range of quality products and services to solve all access and fall arrest problems.

Everyone at Safe @ Heights is fully committed to our Mission Statement and work side by side with customers to produce the most practical and user friendly designs and systems.

Our satisfied customers include Hastings Deering, Mackay Sugar, Hutchinson Builders, Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, McNab, Southbank Corporation, AUSCO, Regatta Apartments, Surfers Aquarius, Jones Lang LaSalle, ATCO Structures, APB Britco, Workcover, and many, many more.

We hold QBCC (previously BSA) licence 1245777 for Steel Structural Construction and Erection and hold insurances for Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and General Insurance. We are accredited to install systems from leading manufacturers such as Sayfa Systems, Ferno, Capital and Honeywell. We have experienced, passionate and dedicated installation teams. We have sourced skilled installers from a number of different backgrounds. This skill set ensures that all our systems are installed to the very highest standard. We work closely with leading manufacturers to ensure that we are providing only the very best industry service and advice.

We have listed below some of the systems which we can supply. However we also specialise in custom made solutions. So if you cannot find the product or system you are looking for, please call us to discuss your particular height safety or confined space needs.

Roof Anchor Points


We can provide both temporary and permanent roof anchor points for any application. It is important to choose the right anchor point for the job you are doing. Choosing the wrong type of anchor or using it incorrectly can be fatal. We are able to give you the most up to date and practical advice on the correct selection and use that will ensure your safety. 

To learn more about the types of safety anchors that are available click here or contact us via our contact page.

Horizontal Lifelines - Static Cable Lines and Rail Systems

Horizontal Lifelines/Static Line Systems

A continuous connection system is one of the safest fall arrest systems available. There are two main continuous connection systems on the market. The first is the horizontal life line (also known as a static line or cable system). This is a stainless steel cable which has a shuttle or traveller attached to your fall arrest safety harness via a safety lanyard and shock pack. The second system is the rail system. A rail system is similar to the horizontal life line in that you connnect to this via a lanyard to your safety harness and shock pack, however it has a number of advantages over a static line. These include their low profile, ability to blend into the building, no cable deflection, smooth shuttle travel, ability to be used for abseil as well as fall arrest. 

Which safety system you choose will depend upon many factors. If you would like to know more about our horizontal safety line or our height safety rail system click here or contact us via our contact page.  

Vertical Lifeline Systems for Fixed Ladders

Vertical Lifeline Systems for Fixed Ladders

A vertical lifeline system, also known as a vertical fall arrest system, is designed to keep the user safe while climbing up and down a vertical ladder. These systems can be either a cable or a rail design depending upon the application. Some existing ladders can be retro fitted with one of these safety systems. To learn more click here or contact us via our contact page. 

Roof Walkway and Guardrail

Roof Walkway and Guardrail

Roof top walkway

The two main types of walkway systems we supply and install is the Grated Aluminium walkway (13mm - 22mm) and Fibre Grated walkway. Our roof walkway systems can be installed inconjunction with or without a handrail system to one or both sides when required. When installing across a roof pitch of 7 degrees or above the walkway will require leveling in accordance with AS1657. Our standard walkway is installed using rivets to help prevent future water leaks instead of screws. However, we also have a non penatrating system that does not penatrate the roof at all.

Roof top walkway not only protects your roof from damage but also provides a safe passage of movement which ensures personnel are kept away from fall zones. It also provides a safe non slip surface which helps prevent slips, trips and falls.

To learn more about our walkway systems click here or contact us via our contact page.


Handrailing is one of the safest option to protect workers from a fall and should always be considered above anchor points, static lines and Personal Protective Equipment. We are able to install our handrailing to almost any roofing material. It looks great, is safe and will last for years. To learn more about our handrailing systems click here or contact us via our contact page.

Fixed Ladders

Fixed Ladders

Fixed Ladders are an ideal solution in the workplace for those requiring access to roof tops, plant and equipment. Fixed Ladders over 6M require rest platforms. Fixed Ladders over 3M should have a Safety Cage and if the ladder is a vertical ladder should have a Fall Arrest System in accordance with the Managing the Risk of Falls in the Workplace Code of Practice. There are many options when it comes to ladders. We design our systems to suit your particular circumstance. Whether you need a vertical ladder, step ladder or a ladder set at 75° we have the ladder for you. To learn more about our complete range of ladder systems click here or contact us via our contact page.

Working at Heights

When working at heights there are many factors which must be taken into consideration. For information and tips click here

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