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October 2015 is Safe Work Australia’s National Safe Work Month – a great time to raise awareness of work safety amongst your workers. In the safe work spirit, it may also be prudent... Read more
*Suspension Trauma – Know Your Legal Duty * According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics it was estimated that there were over 212,000 industrial related falls that resulted in serious injury in... Read more
Workplace Health and Safety have just released information that they are investigating a workplace fatality in Fortitude Valley this week. A man's life was tragically lost when he fell into a two metre... Read more
We have just published our July monthly article on Sourceable.net. The article discusses the introduction of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the implications that this has had for those responsible... Read more
Regular inspection and certification of height safety systems and PPE is essential. Not only is it a legal requirement, it also makes good sense. When using a fall arrest system you are relying... Read more
SAYFA Systems have just released an updated information brochure on their 3SIXTY permanent roof anchor point. SAYFA is one of the leading height safety manufacturers in Australia. Late last year a new Standard for... Read more
The latest article written by Chris Burrow for Soureable.net was released on Friday 20th June. The article discusses a near miss incident where a young worker almost attached to an unsafe roof anchor... Read more
It is vitally important that you ensure the company who conducts work on your behalf, whether that be as a direct contractor or third party contractor is properly licensed and carry the necessary... Read more
A new Standard was released this month (December 2013) for the manufacturing requirements for single point roof anchor devices used for harness based working at heights. The new Standard is called AS/NZS 5532.... Read more
  Safe Work Australia has just released its latest Notified Fatalities Report (year ending November 2012). The report revealed that there were 50 reported deaths related to working at heights. The deaths were separated... Read more

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