How to design a safe Roof Anchor Point System

When designing a roof anchor point system there are many factors which must be taken into consideration. The safest roof anchor point in the wrong place is just as dangerous as a poor quality anchor point or even no roof safety system at all. There are set principles and guidelines which can be found in AS1891.4. The Standard covers such areas as anchor point selection, the importance of correct design, correct installation and some of the dangers to avoid such as the pendulum effect. The design of a roof safety system is equally important as the correct roof anchor point selection and installation. Factors which must be taken into consideration when first designing a roof safety system are;

  • the reason for access
  • who will be accessing
  • how often
  • what will they be doing
  • the material of the roof
  • the roof structure
  • the roof slope
  • the hierarchy of control
  • how to effect a rescue

Once these factors have been taken into consideration we are able to suggest the most appropriate type of roof safety system. This may be either one type or a combination of two or more. The different types of systems are;

  • surface mounted roof anchor points - fall arrest roof anchors and abseil roof anchors
  • retro fit purlin mounted roof anchor points - fall arrest and abseil
  • cable roof safety system - fall arrest and fall restraint only
  • rail roof safety system - fall arrest, fall restraint and abseil

As part of the roof safety system design we may include hand railing, walkway and exclusion zone tape to increase the level of safety. To find out more about our roof safety system designs please contact us via our contact page or by calling and speaking to one of our helpful Height Safety Specialists on 32085833


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