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We design and install all types of roof and attic access ladders and hatches throughout Brisbane for any situation. We specialise in external as well as internal ladder systems including fold down ladders. All our systems are made from aluminium, although we can supply steel or stainless steel if requested. 

Our Brisbane based team can design a custom made permanent roof solution for your building – taking into account the building's shape, height and reason for access. A ladder system must comply with AS1657:2013 and the Managing the Risk of Falls at the Workplace Code of Practice 2011. As part of our design process, our Fall Prevention Specialists complete a risk assessment which takes into consideration a range of issues that must be addressed, in order to have a compliant access ladder or hatch system.

Access hatches and ladders with an emphasis on safety

Where possible, the Work Health and Safety Act requires that the highest level of protection is always implemented to control a hazard. This includes when designing access from one level to another where there is a risk of a fall. The hierarchy of ladders in accordance with AS1657:2013 is


•Step type

•75 degree angled


•Ladder Dock

•Access Bracket

We see many workplaces where the lowest level of control has been installed when a higher level was available. Often this is done to "save money," however this small saving is little comfort when facing large fines and payouts to a worker who has injured themselves using the system. 

Part of our process is to consider 3 main areas

  1. Who will use the system 
  2. How often it will be used
  3. The reason for access

Once this has been determined we can make a recommendation on which ladder type will best suit the application. 

An often neglected or overlooked aspect of roof or attic access is the step off point. This is the point where the user steps onto or off the roof and is the area where most incidents occur. There are two main types of protection: engineered solutions and PPE. Engineered solutions consist of a guard railing configuration with platforms or walkway whereas the PPE type are used for ladder brackets and docks using a stainless steel strop (lanyard) from an anchor point. AS1657 states, the preferred option is hand rails. We refer to this as a lead on safety kit. This system comprises of 2m of hand railing either side of the entry point either enclosing the walkway or running along the edge of the roof. This system is designed to direct the user towards the centre of the roof and away from the edge. This is the preferred option for all areas but especially where the fall is greater than 2m in height.

The use of a bracket or dock should be limited to areas where it is not possible to install a fixed ladder or access is rarely required. These systems are considered higher risk as they involve the use of portable ladders and PPE equipment. When using a strop, the user will attach themselves to the strop via their harnesses front attachment point and 600mm personal shock absorber prior to stepping onto the roof. If the person slips while transitioning onto or off the roof, the strop will arrest their fall. However, it is important to note that a strop will not prevent a fall. It will only arrest the fall. At this point, it is highly likely that the person has sustained some form of injury and will require rescue. That is why a permanent solution such as the walk-on safety kit are preferred.

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