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Roof Safety System Design

There are many different types of roof safety systems on the market today. They are also known as fall arrest systems. Which one you choose will depend upon a number of factors. In general, systems can be split into three main types;

  1. Roof anchor points - Surface mounted, retro purlin mounted and concrete friction or glued in
  2. Cable systems - stainless steel horizontal cable systems
  3. Rail systems - solid rail system

During the design process it will become clear which type system is most suitable. For more information on designing a safe and compliant system click here.

Safety First

When designing a height safety system one should follow the hierarchy of control. There are 5 levels to the hierarchy of control. The use of a fall arrest roof safety system with PPE is level 5 and considered the last option. Of the three types of safety systems the rail and cable systems are considered the safest. Roof anchor points are more reliant upon the experience and safety of the user and therefore considered a higher risk. Of course when used correctly by a properly trained and experienced user all well designed systems are extremely safe.

For more information on the design process and how to keep your workers safe please contact us via our contact page.



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