Roof top Cable & Rail Fall Arrest System

The safest type of fall arrest system is a solid rail system or stainless steel cable system. There are many different systems on the market from all the major height safety manufacturers with each one having its own unique advantages. Safe @ Heights is an authorised installer of all the major brands of height safety systems from Capital Safety, SAYFA Systems, Ferno and Honeywell. We are experts in designing and installing the right system for your particular requirements. As part of the design process we take into account all the major risks, the building design and reason for access to come up with a unique height safety solution which is custom designed for your particular needs. A properly designed system will comply with AS1891.2, AS1891.4, AS5532 and the Code of Practice. There are also certain duties placed upon the PCBU by the Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011 which must also be taken into consideration. There are two main types of systems to choose from. Each has its own unique advantages; [read more]

  • Horizontal roof mounted solid rail systems. These are mostly used for work positioning systems on flat or moderately pitched roofs. Can also be used for abseil
  • Horizontal roof mounted cable systems. The cable system is flexible and can be easily configured to suit almost any roof

We are able to supply a system from any of the leading manufacturers however in general for static cable systems we recommend the SAYFA Travel 8 static line system and for solid rail systems we recommend the Uni Line Rail system. Both these systems are tried and tested in almost every type of application. They are safe, reliable and durable.

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